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Enhance and add value to your home.

Shutters provide privacy and allow you to control the light coming into your home. Options include adjustable louvres. With their sturdy framework they provide added protection to windows. Shutters, which are available in a range of materials and styles, also form an attractive design feature. They can be painted or stained to enhance the natural beauty of the wood, while providing a durable finish.



Benefits of Shutters:

  1. Variety of Colours and Panel Sizes: Shutters come in a variety of colours, and wooden stains as well as non-wood and security options. They offer you a great deal of flexibility, for instance you can have different slat sizes and different panel designs and frame choices.
  2. Easy to Clean: Shutters are also very easy to clean, and care for. They will provide your home with minimum maintenance and maximum satisfaction.
  3. Easy to Operate: Shutters are simple to use. You can have one shutter open and one closed if you choose, as they operate individually, and are very flexible in that.
  4. Durability: Some shutters come with a warranty of between 5 and 20 years and they are extremely durable.
  5. Flexibility: These blinds come in an array of styles, shapes and colours. They can be fitted to almost any window. You can have them made to measure to ensure the correct fit for all the windows in your home. Arch windows as well as outdoor shutters and security options are available.
  6. Energy Efficiency: Shutters are energy efficient and will definitely save your money on energy bills in the future.

Simple Cleaning Tips for Shutters:

  1. Close the shutters and wipe them with a dry cotton cloth to remove any dust.
  2. On wooden shutters try avoid scratching, and use a sponge or cloth. Use as little water as possible and dry them off as quickly as possible. Too much water might make them warp.
  3. For stubborn stains, spray an anti-static, or non-sticky household cleaner, and rinse with plain water.
  4. On resin shutters or no-wood shutters, they can be un-hinged and placed on the lawn to be washed down.