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If you are relaxing at home reading this informative article on venetian blinds, you are probably thinking about giving your windows a makeover. Well we hope so, because then you have definitely wound up at the perfect place.

Many people dread moving into a new home because the windows all have curtain tracks. Anyone who has done it, will tell you that hanging curtains is not a fun job. And, in many cases, the windows are beautiful old-fashioned windows you would actually like to accentuate, rather than hide behind a curtain.

Windows and window dressing should never be neglected. Just as you want to look your best at all times and impress your friends with new outfits, don’t you think it is time to “wardrobe” shop for your windows?

Venetian blinds are wonderful. At Designer Blinds, a division of Top Carpets & Floors, we can help you make the perfect choice for every room or, perhaps, your office or boardroom.

Blinds are an easy way to totally transform a room. At the office, blinds can make a bold statement about your corporate identity, while creating a modern, stylish office environment for your staff.

The popularity of these blinds has not waned since the design was patented some 160 years ago, but the colours, styles, and range of choice have taken the market by storm over the years.

The design of the venetian blinds was popular from the start, for many reasons. We suppose it was a novelty at first, but the ancient Victorians loved venetian blinds for the same reasons we do today.

Some of the top benefits of venetian blinds are:

  • You control how much light comes in. This is one of the foremost reasons venetian blinds are so popular.
  • These blinds make it easy to set the mood, in any room. Let the sun stream in and enjoy the view, slant the slats for subdued, filtered light, or close them completely to shut the worries of the outside world out.
  • By keeping them shut, you can minimise the amount of dust that enters the room.
  • Venetian blinds are stylish and elegant.
  • Give yourself complete privacy with venetian blinds. Being able to easily close venetian blinds for complete privacy make them a popular choice in office environments.
  • Cleaning is easy. Simply use a cloth and some soapy water, and your blinds are back to sparkling clean in no time.
  • Venetian blinds add value to any office or home. Serious buyers note window dressing, so put your best foot forward with the right choice of blinds.
  • Filter sunlight, so that your furniture is not ruined by too much sun.

We believe in keeping an open mind when choosing venetian blinds. If you limit yourself to neutral colours or pastels, without exploring some other options, you may regret it. Have fun with blinds!

With the right choice of venetian blinds, you will not only wow your guests all summer long, but well into the next, and the next, and the next season!

Give one of our Designer Blinds stores a call today!


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