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Installing blinds is an effective and easy way to express your personal style and, for businesses, it is a great way to lighten the ambience in the office, while still portraying a distinct identity. Research indicates that blinds have a measurable impact on the health and wellbeing of office workers, and even contribute to less eye strain – which is an important factor in today’s work environment.

5 reasons designers love blinds:

  • It is all about simplicity and minimalism when installing blinds in 2017. Gone are the days of heavy, lined or tab top curtains. South Africa boasts some of the best weather in the world all year-round, and blinds allow designers to exploit gorgeous views, sunshine, and natural light.
  • People want to enjoy their homes and not spend hours cleaning it. The low maintenance of blinds is definitely also a big reason they remain such popular window treatments. Aluminium blinds, for example, only require a spray of soapy water and a light wipe, and Roman blinds need only be closed and wiped with a light cotton cloth. This is good news for busy home or professional people who love to entertain but dislike cleaning all the time!
  • Natural light and using it to its maximum effect will always be very popular. Installing blinds, which allows you to control how much light you let in, is the perfect solution to exploiting natural light. Installing blinds also allows you to control the amount of sun that filters in. Blinds are an effective way to protect your furniture from harmful UV rays that cause fading and warping, and blinds can keep a home cool by keeping direct sunlight out. With the right blinds installed, you will not have to use the air conditioning all the time. Say hello to lower electricity bills.
  • Blind styles and designs keep evolving. Choose from hundreds of styles and colours and even customise blinds to your liking. We often advise clients who are installing blinds to keep an open mind. You may end up choosing a design or colour you thought would never work! Have fun choosing blinds (just make sure you can live with your choice during the years to come).
  • Smart blind options, like motorised blinds, are a top trend. Technology continues to infiltrate all aspects of our lives and contribute to the way we live, work, and play. Smart homes are becoming the norm and those installing blinds are on this bandwagon. Motorised blinds are the ultimate in luxury, style, and control. Your wish is your automated window treatment’s command!

Be smart. Install blinds. Give us a call today for expert advice.


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