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Knowing what type of blind to incorporate in a space is essential because it can ultimately make or break the look of the room. Below is a look at some of the types of blinds available on the market and which areas they fit into best.

Aluminium Blinds

If you are looking for blinds that will stand the test of time, then aluminium blinds are your best bet. They are not only customisable to any window size but come in a wide selection of colours and slat styles too. Aluminium blinds work well for windows in the kitchen or bathroom because they are moisture resistant. Another perk is how well aluminium blinds insulate a room, keeping the heat in during the winter months and keeping the place cool during those hot South African summers.

Bamboo Blinds

Using bamboo instead of other types of wood is a lot more eco-friendly because it is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. Bamboo blinds are sophisticated, yet traditional, and add an element of warmth and texture to the room, making them ideal for living room areas where an inviting atmosphere is needed.

Roller Blinds

Managing how much light you let into a room has never been easier. Roller blinds are available as block-out window dressings or as light diffusers, which is an elegant solution for rooms facing the harsh afternoon sun. Roller blinds are easy to install, easy to clean and come in a variety of stylish colours and textures.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

You can create a natural ambience to an otherwise clinical room by simply adding an element of raw nature when you install wooden Venetian blinds. Stylish in design, these blinds will complement your existing décor – whether at home or in a workspace. Moreover, wooden Venetian blinds are affordable, easy to maintain and can be measured to fit any window.

Vertical Blinds

For large windows and glass sliding doors, vertical blinds can be drawn back entirely or have the slats opened to reveal varying degrees of light. When used in office areas, vertical blinds look highly professional and add distinction to any room.

Motorised Blinds

Raising and lowering your blinds is now as simple as pressing a button. Motorised blinds allow you to have complete control over heat insulation, privacy and how much light is let in. These blinds also reduce the need for chords and trying to lift large and heavy blinds.

 Our extensive range offers you the choice between various colours, designs and textures at a highly competitive price.

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