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One simple way you can give your home real curb appeal with the right window blinds. Many of our customers have been amazed at how blinds change the lighting, colours and even the temperature of a room. They really set the tone for a room, whether you want this to be formal or casual or playful and creative.

There is no need to limit where you want to install them either because blinds in every room in the home are an absolute delight. Take a look around your neighbourhood and see how splendid a home with window blinds throughout looks from the outside, compared to those with curtains.

We have 5 helpful tips when shopping for window blinds:

  1. Your measurements need to be spot on. Among other things, you need to consider how much or little of the window frame you want showing. Our advice is to get a professional involved from the onset because measurements are key to being happy with your choice of window blinds.
  2. Bathrooms and kitchens are damp areas, so ask about materials which can tolerate moisture.
  3. Consider how much or little privacy you need in a room. If you choose Venetian blinds with narrow slats, for example, you can have complete privacy at the turn of the wand or completely pull them up to let the view stream in. Narrower slats create a more intimate feel and are good for street-facing windows and work environments. Wider slats, on the other hand, are wonderful in a bedroom that has a beautiful view over the garden or cityscape. They allow you to enjoy the view more fully but can also be controlled for complete privacy.
  4. Make your window blinds unique by customising them to blend in with your existing décor and personal style. Decorative tapes, borders and edge bindings are all ways you can embellish your blinds. And, you can even have the wand upgraded to a matching paint or stain colour of the room. If you are going to invest in gorgeous window blinds, then why not put your personal stamp on them?
  5. Decide what mood you want to set in a room and what benefits you want from the blinds before you start shopping around. Look at examples of similar settings to get an idea of how your room will turn out. Remember that blinds totally transform a room, making it feel more spacious or cosy or letting a lot of light in. Knowing what kind of ambience you want will make it easier to settle on the type of style most suitable. Ask a professional to guide you with some expert advice too.

Let Designer Blinds, a division of Top Carpets and Floors, help you make your home’s curb appeal the envy of the neighbourhood.

Designer Blinds & Floors - South Africa

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