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Designer Blinds, a division of Top Carpets and Floors, has a collection of beautiful 100% wooden Venetian blinds, made from the finest quality timber to ensure that they last long and look exquisite for years to come.

Which Tone Would You Prefer?

Our professional consultants can help you match the best tone for your wooden blinds to your current décor and other furnishings. We always advise customers to keep an open mind when choosing wooden blinds – you may be surprised at what you end up choosing!

The tones our wooden blinds are available in mimic the magnificence of the hues you find in nature – golden oak, maple, cherry, mahogany and charcoal, for example. This makes it easy to perfectly match your wooden blinds to the furnishings you already have in the room. Whether your style is dark and dramatic (in the study perhaps) or open, crisp and down-to-earth (in the kitchen), there is a wooden blind to suit every taste.

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Wooden Blinds

Here are 6 things you can expect to find when you start shopping for wooden blinds:

  1. There are a lot of exciting options in natural wood stains.
  2. Wooden blinds are easy to clean and care for. A simple dust every now and again, and your wooden blinds are as good as new for years to come. To clean, just close the wooden blinds completely, then wipe them horizontally with a dry cotton cloth. If there are some stubborn marks, use an anti-static spray or non-greasy household cleaner, and wipe with a dash of plain water (do not use too much water on your blinds).
  3. All our wooden blinds are manufactured with a protective glossy finish. This is to protect the wooden blinds when you clean them, and to keep them looking shiny and new.
  4. Wooden Venetian blinds are made from hardwood, so they are built to last.
  5. They can be fitted to just about any window under the sun – and you can have them made to fit!
  6. You will keep the cold out with wooden blinds, as they are wonderful insulators (so, you will save on your heating bill in winter).

Motorised Wooden Blinds

Motorised wooden blinds offer the ultimate in simplicity, safety and style. They allow you to take full control of all your window coverings from any room in the home or office. The number one benefit of motorised wooden blinds is the sheer convenience! Think about very high windows and how easy it would be to adjust the light coming into these windows.

There are many other discussion points about wooden blinds, and the benefits they bring to a home or office. Come and chat to us for expert advice at Designer Blinds, a division of Top Carpets and Floors. 

Designer Blinds & Floors - South Africa

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